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When it comes to party holidays, St. Patrick’s Day tops the list. And guess what? It’s finally here! This Saturday, Chicago will host one of the largest St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in the country, and bars and restaurants across Chicago are gearing up. Whether by watching as the Chicago River is dyed green, catching the Annual Parade or celebrating at a local bar, Chicagoans know exactly how to bring the luck of the Irish to St. Patty’s Day festivities.

Drake hotel

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If you’re looking for that St. Patrick’s Day vibe but want something a little less chaotic, Coq d’Or is the place to be. Celebrate Irish-style at the Drake Hotel’s historic 1930s cocktail bar and restaurant. From Guinness and tasty Irish whiskey cocktails to Shepherd’s Pie and Steamed Baby Corned Beef & Cabbage, Coq d’Or is a tradition not to be missed – close enough to the city’s festivities and far enough away to relax and enjoy.


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Get your green on at Hopsmith Tavern! With two floors of crowd-pleasing amenities, video DJs and an incredible retractable skylight roof, this Gold Coast gem is the epitome of an Irish eruption. Luxury Table Packages and a Premier Crowd will lead the way for one of the best St. Patty’s Day celebrations in the city.


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For something a little more laid-back, Shoreline Sightseeing is the way to go. This 75-minute cruise will feature a traditional Irish buffet plus a full-service cash bar including Irish beverage selections. Hurry up and get tickets now!


Tech Tidbit.


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In case you haven’t noticed, Instagram recently updated one of its posting features to allow for its 600 million users to post a slideshow of pictures in a single post. “You no longer have to choose the single best photo or video from an experience you want to remember,” Instagram writes. The new feature comes two years after Instagram introduced carousel ad capabilities in 2015. With the ability to add as many as ten images within a single post, users can still tag their friends and edit pictures how they please. Expect the slideshow mechanism to play an interesting role for creatives, companies and storytellers going forward.


Weekly Wellness.

Sleep. The one thing we love most but rarely get enough of! Let’s face it, receiving a full eight hours is much harder than it seems. Instead of dwelling on the actual amount of sleep you get, try to focus on changing your habits before bed. Bedtime rituals such as reading a self-improvement book and writing down what you are thankful for will help ease stress caused during the day, assuring a peaceful night of rest.


Campaigns We Love.



Mercedes Benz is taking a step away from the evolution of luxury and tackling the evolution of life with its new campaign “Grow Up.” The series of videos break down different “rules” for adulthood, demonstrating how much harder the rules are to follow than to say. Every video tells a different story correlating to the progression of life, like “Spend Time with Family” and “Be a Good Parent.”


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Chicago’s own Chance the Rapper is taking a chance on the CPS Arts and Enrichment Programming. Hoping to spark a call to action for similar monetary donations, Chance wrote a $1 million check this week to the Chicago Public Schools Foundation, which works to support every child in the CPS system.


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