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Finally, we can say that spring is just one week away. That’s right! In less than seven days, we will be hanging up our coats and saying goodbye to the cold (hopefully). But as winter turns to spring, the weather isn’t the only thing Chicagoans have to look forward to. Here are a few recent restaurant and bar openings that will help you awaken from hibernation.

Southern cut

[Southern Cut]

Former Chicago Q chef and award-winning pit master Lee Ann Whippen is leading the kitchen at Southern Cut Barbecue, (198 E. Delaware Place) which opened quietly last month and officially announced its presence this past week. Southern Cut is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily; the Southern-style breakfast menu includes a barbecue Benedict, barbecue sliders and breakfast tacos, as well as pancakes, omelets and French toast. It doesn’t get any better than that!


[Urban Daddy]

With few spots for craft beer in downtown Chicago, most beer fans were venturing toward other neighborhoods for a sip of something special. Centennial Crafted Beer & Eatery to the rescue! Opening last Thursday in River North, this modern bar has transformed a 129-year-old building into a unique bi-level craft beer destination. The ground floor features a bar with 36 taps, and the second floor has another 20. Additionally, Centennial offers a menu that not only complements the drinks, but in some cases, the food actually involves beer as an ingredient. You have to try this malty goodness!

Tech Tidbit.

The commute to and from work just gained a new time killer – Pandora Premium. Like with Spotify’s Premium Service, users will have the opportunity to pay $9.99 per month to play any song of choice. The premium model is expected to allow for users to create their own playlists, as well as utilize Pandora’s technology that once managed to separate the streaming service from competitors. The tech will fill in playlists based on selections within each playlist to speed up the process. The change in their premium model arrives after last month’s report that Pandora only had 4.39 million of their 81 million active listeners utilizing “Pandora Plus.” In comparison, Spotify has 50 million subscribers to their premium model and over 100 million users using the service.



Campaigns We Love.

Dr. Pepper is ditching its “Always One of a Kind” campaign for a new effort called “The One You Crave.” The brand is shifting course to a more product-focused message after “intensive” consumer research. The brand’s VP of marketing says they want to focus on why people drink Dr. Pepper, rather than telling people to be unique. New advertisements now center around “Crave Rider,” a jet skier riding a wave of soda. The ads embrace a new, fun side of the brand with Dr. Pepper positioned as an indulgent treat.

Weekly Wellness.

Some days, coffee isn’t enough to get us through the day. OK, most days. If you’re not feeling like your most energized self, turn to this guide to help maximize your day. Try taping it up in your cubicle or hanging it on the fridge at home!



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HC’s Read of the Week is a New York Times Best-Seller and the first posthumous work to be shortlisted for the prestigious Wellcome Book Prize. “When Breath Becomes Air” chronicles Paul Kalanithi’s journey though medical school and battle with stage four lung cancer. The work that brought Bill Gates to tears attempts to answer the question What makes a life worth living? Paul Kalanithi died while working on this profoundly moving book, yet his words live on as a guide to us all.

HC Trends of the Week
HC Trends of the Week