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HC Chicago Hot List.

It’s an exciting time for Chicagoans – enthusiastic attempts at al fresco dining have begun, baseball season is on and temps seem to be getting warmer (for now). With no excuse to stay inside, here are a few fun things to do this week.

Bar Roma

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Who doesn’t love pasta? Andersonville’s new Bar Roma serves hearty, traditional Italian pastas in a space that feels hip and rustic. You’ll find exquisite dishes like Ravioli al Formaggio, Gnocchi a la Romano and five different kinds of chunky and perfectly seasoned meatballs, including the Maiale (a Shanghai-style pork belly ball) and the Vitello (made of veal sweetbread). Pick from classic cocktails like a Negroni or sip from over-sized glasses of wine, and finish off your meal with the ultra-creamy tiramisu.



In Chicago’s bustling West Loop, somewhere beneath the loud train tracks, lies Moneygun, Chicago’s hidden gem! With a menu of 20 classic cocktails displayed on a mirrored wall, Moneygun offers the greatest drinks in cocktail history including Bee’s Knees, Cosmopolitan, Strawberry Marg and Vieux Carré. With shallow ceilings, dark wooden booths and navy blue walls, its aesthetic is ambiguous yet leans more towards the 1980s than anything else. Moneygun is open daily from 5 p.m. to 2 a.m., 3 a.m. on Saturdays.



Take a trip around the world with more than 300 whiskies, bourbons and scotches — including Welsh, Canadian and Japanese varieties — at the 17th annual WhiskyFest on April 21 at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Want to learn more about whisky? WhiskyFest also includes three free seminars conducted by master distillers and blenders. Be sure to take some time to enjoy the never-ending gourmet buffet. Tickets start at $275 per person.

Tech Tidbit.

With the advent of mobile applications that have made picture messaging a breeze, few companies have been able to capture the market for video within social media. Tumblr’s new app Cabana is setting out to change that. The application aims to bring up to six people into a video call. Cabana will also allow users to watch videos on YouTube together at the same time. Last year, Meerkat’s developer, Life on Air, created Houseparty as a social hub for friends to group together in video chat. However, the app’s success has been limited to a more youthful audience. Cabana targets ages 13-18, with a focus on people you know. As for Cabana’s playful logo – “It’s a chill fruit,” said Jason Lee, Director of Product Management at Polyvore Labs. “Cabana represents a fun and unassuming place that’s representative of somewhere you gather.” Cabana is available now in the U.S. on iOS and comes to Android in May.



Campaigns We Love.

As part of the “Men in Progress” campaign, Lynx interviewed several men in a series of episodes asking what it means to be a man in 2017.  Episode 9, entitled “Boys Don’t Cry,” seeks perspective on emotional vulnerability and challenges the idea that a man shouldn’t cry. In the hope of redefining masculinity, the candid video features the interviewees in black and white discussing the last time they cried.

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Arts & Entertainment.

HC’s Read of the Week comes from Kelly Oxford, a Canadian screenwriter whose newest work, When You Find Out the World is Against You: And Other Funny Memories About Awful Moments, explores relationships, parenthood, loss and the internet in a collection of hilariously relatable essays. With a hint of David Sedaris here and a dash of Mindy Kaling there, Oxford allures readers with her down-to-earth voice and the thought that there is something to be learned (and laughed at) from every moment in life.

HC Trends of the Week
HC Trends of the Week