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HC Chicago Hot List.

Temps are dropping again but we won’t let that bring us down. From zippy roses to rooftops and boozy popsicles, here are a few things to do this week.



Rooftop? Check. Wine. Check. Boozy popsicles? Yes, please! Cindy’s Rooftop, located on the 13th floor of the Chicago Athletic Association, is sporting a few upgrades just in time for summer. The iconic eatery is building a new bar on their outdoor terrace featuring booze-infused popsicles and ice cream, a curated wine list and a rotating cocktail menu. The bar, which overlooks Millennium Park, is expected to open mid-May.


[Chicago Sun-Times]

For the second year in a row, a Chicago restaurant has taken home top honors at the 2017 James Beard Foundation Awards. Topolobampo was named Outstanding Restaurant during the annual black-tie gala on Monday night. Rick Bayless’ remarkable River North masterpiece serves the best Mexican fine dining in the country, pushing the creative envelope with challenging, themed menus while simultaneously delivering a one-of-a-kind dining experience.


[City of Chicago]

This Saturday, May 6, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., celebrate the arrival of spring at the 19th Annual Chicago Kids and Kites Festival taking place at Cricket Hill in Lincoln Park. Kids can fly a kite and watch professional kite flyers demonstrate their skills with oversized and uniquely-shaped kites. No kite? No problem! Free paper kites will be provided. Families will also be able to purchase more intricate flying creations from a variety of vendors.

Tech Tidbit.

After discussing plans for Twitter’s always on functionality in regards to live-streaming, Twitter just announced that its first 24/7 video news broadcast would come from news media company Bloomberg. The content to be featured is expected to be new and consist of original reporting. Last year’s Thursday Night Football for the NFL was streamable via Twitter, which currently includes programming for Buzzfeed and live sports. Throughout the 2016 Presidential election, Twitter offered debates live-streamed via Bloomberg, offering a glimpse into their now current partnership. Last Friday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey bought more than 574,000 shares into his company, despite Twitter revenue declining year after year. Perhaps Twitter’s hope to offer 24-hour news streams with a sprinkling of live events is their attempt at being the first to capitalize on cord cutters.


[Digital Intervention]

Campaigns We Love.

Heineken launched its new “Open Your World” campaign with a social experiment entitled “Worlds Apart.” The clip, which has already gone viral, features real people with differing opinions in hopes of promoting a message of unity. In the experiment, the participants are broken into pairs and given team building exercises, completely unaware of the other’s stance on controversial topics. After learning of their differences, each pair is given the choice to either leave or stay and chat over a couple of beers.

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HC’s Read of the Week features a former major league baseball player with an unusual story that’s almost reminiscent of the Cubs sports comedy “Rookie of the Year.” Not long after his start in the major leagues, Rick Ankiel suddenly lost his pitching talent over the course of a single day. “The Phenomenon: Pressure, The Yips, And The Pitch That Changed My Life” follows Ankiel’s journey from prodigy pitcher to major league disappointment to power-hitting outfielder, making for a unexpectedly relatable read and timeless tale of resilience.



HC Trends of the Week
HC Trends of the Week