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HC Chicago Hot List.

We’re quickly approaching August (yikes!), so it’s time to celebrate the final moments of July. Check out this week’s hot spots:

We know it’s a little cheesy, but this place has cheese, cheese and more cheese! Cheesie’s in Lakeview is the perfect place for late night snacking, with several sandwich options that will melt away those pre-Sunday Scaries.



What about that meal for the following morning? Bakin’ & Eggs has many delicious options, from jaw-dropping pastries to the full breakfast menu of your dreams. Try their lemon poppy seed French toast or hearty breakfast burrito if you want to take your taste buds on a bacon-cation.


[Chicago Bites]

Splendid, indeed! Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream is so tasty that there are several Chi-town locations. This cute, trendy treat shop serves all your favorite flavors and then some. Fresh, hot waffles straight from the press can also compliment your dessert.


[DNA Info]

Tech Tidbit.

Lyft and Taco Bell are partnering in what looks like the way of the future for transportation apps. Lyft riders will be able to opt for “Taco Mode,” which adds on a Taco Bell side-trip during their ride with a simple tap in the app.  The partnership consists of other components, too, such as an “ultimate Taco Bell experience,” including custom swag, a special in-car menu and free food giveaways. Lyft is testing this out as a limited pilot program running only July 27 – 29 and August 3 -5  in Orange County (Darn!). The plan is to “…expand Taco Mode into additional markets by the end of the year, with an expected nationwide roll out in 2018.”


[Tech Crunch]

Campaigns We Love.

Do the unthinkable and put ketchup on your hot dog. At least, that’s what Heinz is pushing for Chicagoans to do! Heinz has recently released Chicago Dog Sauce, a “new product” that seems to look very much like ketchup…

The new label shows off the four city stars and silhouette of the Chicago skyline. The sauce is made of ripe red tomatoes and a special blend of spices and flavorings. Since Chicago has held a long time stance against ketchup hot dogs, the question is: is this new sauce too much like ketchup?


[Chicago Tribune]

Quote of the Week.

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Arts and Entertainment.

Food, music and sun. Can you say “Fiesta?” Spend your weekend celebrating at the largest Latino Festival in the Midwest: Fiesta Del Sol! Every year, millions gather over the four-day event in Pilsen to celebrate Latino culture. Stop by to enjoy live music, local art and a variety of food July 27-30!


[Fiesta Del Sol]

HC Trends of the Week
HC Trends of the Week